Ford Flower Hasbrouck & Loefflad 

Attorneys at Law

Integrity, Service and Excellence Since 1984


          When legal problems arise, precious time and money are all too often wasted on unproductive arguments about who?s at fault. Ford, Flower, Hasbrouck & Loefflad has a better idea:

Fix the problem, not the blame.

            Founded in 1984, Ford, Flower, Hasbrouck & Loefflad is a boutique law firm offering personalized service to a selective clientele. We are not a time-sheet factory. Our stock-in-trade is solutions, not billable hours.

We have earned a reputation for integrity and competence with the bench, bar, public agencies and business community that enables us to develop effective strategies for efficiently meeting our clients' objectives. We do not try to be all things to all people. We know who our clients are and what they want: sound strategies and timely results.

At Ford, Flower, Hasbrouck & Loefflad, our focus is on:

·       Commercial litigation

·       Bankruptcy and Corporate Restructuring

·       Real Estate and Land Use

·       Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

·       Family Law, Elder Care and Estate Planning


allowing us to provide valuable services at a cost that is fair and proportionate to the task.

Ford, Flower, Hasbrouck & Loefflad has the experience, expertise and resources to help our clients overcome adversity, pursue opportunity and achieve success.

            We do not sell legal services. We solve problems.

            At Ford, Flower, Hasbrouck & Loefflad, we have your back.