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Arthur T. Ford, III

     Art Ford is a graduate of Ocean City High School and a lifetime resident of Cape May County.  Art graduated from American University in 1965 and American University College of Law in 1968. 

     Art's major area of practice is land use development and is responsible for the approval of some of this region's largest commercial projects, including the English Creek Shopping Center and various projects for Scarborough Enterprises.

      Art recently moved to the Linwood office from the Ocean City office.  In Ocean City, Art was able to cultivate his longtime relationships with the residents, businesspersons and government officials of Cape May County.  Moving to Linwood will allow Art to continue those relationships as well as build and cultivate new ones in Atlantic County.

       Art is also a longtime member of the Shore Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees.

    As new industry and businesses begin construction in the area, Art's familiarity with Jersey Shore development, and more specifically with development in our local municipalities, will prove to be an invaluable asset to our clients.  Art has been one of the pre-eminent land use attorneys in Atlantic and Cape Counties for over 30 years.

    In his role as counsel for Scarborough Enterprises, Clayton Development and Stoeco Development, among others, Art has played a large and proud part in the growth that this area has experienced over the last several decades.

   Art has provided the legal direction for every conceivable type of commercial and residential development including, but not limited to:  multi-family residential (i.e., 166 units in West Cape May's Cold Spring Development; and 336 units in Hamilton Township's Powder Mill Spring Development); lagoon and marina waterfront commercial and residential developments (i.e., Seaview Harbor Marina and Ralph's Marina in Egg Harbor Township; Harbour Cove Condominium and Marina's 225 residential townhouse units and 350 boat slips in Somers Point; and Blue Water Marina in Ocean City); large commercial shopping center projects such as the English Creek Shopping Center and its associated office buildings and satellite commercial uses (i.e., Home Depot, Mobil and Sunoco Service Stations, Damon's etc.); mobile home developments (i.e., Oak Forest Mobile Home Park); and thousands of single family units throughout Atlantic and Cape May Counties (i.e., The Clusters, The Shires, and The Squires in Egg Harbor Township; Sagemore in Somers Point; and over 300 units for Stoeco Development in Ocean City).

     The respect and reputation Art has built up over his many years of involvement in our area serves our clients well in their applications for development in every town.

     Art peacefully passed away June 1, 2022 and will be terribly missed.