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Yesterday, June 1,2022 was a sad, sad day.

My friend and long time law partner Arthur T Ford III departed this life.  He was surrounded by those who loved him.

To those of you who cared for him I extend my deepest sympathy.

It may be of some small consolation to know he did “pass gently into that good night”.  The  end was peaceful and he slipped away from us with quiet dignity.

The important parts of Art’s life can be summed up in three words, "Integrity”, “loyalty” and “decency”.

For those who are disposed to feel sorry  for him,  don’t. This is the very last thing Art would have wanted. If sorry we must feel, it should be for ourselves.  We have suffered an irreplaceable loss.

I need not extol Art’s virtues.  He would not want me to try.  If anything it would make him uncomfortable and in any case they speak for themselves far beyond my poor power to add or detract.

It was a privilege to call Art my friend.   He can be described professionally by the often overused cliche a “lawyer’s lawyer”.

More importantly he was a thoroughly decent person and there was far more to his life than practicing law.  He was a family man. He was not the type to go around bragging about it but he loved his children along with his other immediate family among whom I count Debbie, his significant other, and they loved him in return.  He was  immensely proud of them.

Art spent a lifetime of service and giving back, especially to  Shore  Memorial Hospital which he faithfully served for nearly 50 years.

I would be remiss if I failed to add he could be wicked funny but in such a quiet way you would miss it if you weren’t paying close attention.

The number of true friends we make in a lifetime, more often than not, can be counted on the fingers of one hand.  Art was the friend you knew with absolute certainty would be there for you, no matter what.

I just lost such a friend. . .

Farewell Art.  Thank you for the gift of your friendship I will miss you forever but never forget you .


   Arthur T. Ford, III                Willis F. Flower                   David C. Hasbrouck             Robert A. Loefflad         George L. Seltzer, J.A.D.

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    RIP 6/1/2022


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